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Toothbrush refill (X2)

Toothbrush refill (X2)

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Set of two medium toothbrush refills.

Thanks to rechargeable heads, plastic waste is divided by 8: only 8g of plastic is thrown away per year, that is to say less than a single disposable toothbrush.

Instructions for changing the refill without damaging the clip system:
1 - Leave the beech toothbrush to soak for 5 minutes upside down in a glass of water.
2 - Remove the head and replace it with a new refill.
3 - Let the toothbrush dry thoroughly. As wood is a natural material, it will soften under the action of water, allowing the head to be removed without damaging it. Then, as it dries, the wood will trap the refill well.

The heads are 100% recyclable thanks to Terracycle.

Compatible with the refillable bio plastic toothbrush .

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