Our history

A little about us...

We are Camille and Alexandre, two lovers of nature and adventure. When we discovered the impact of household products on water pollution, we decided to create La fée maison. Little by little we have developed a wide range of accessories to reduce everyday waste.

Our credo: we believe that no small gesture is useless if there are 7 billion of us doing them.

Our engagements

Maintenance products:

All our products are manufactured by us in our Girondin workshop. We are committed to only using ingredients of natural origin, the vast majority of which are biodegradable and certified organic.

For greater transparency, the composition of our products is listed on each product with the common name of the ingredients.

We do not use any plastic containers. Once your product is finished, you can bring your glass container back to us, we will take care of cleaning it and putting it back into circulation.

Our finished products are not yet certified because the prices are very high but we hope to be able to offer them to you very soon.

Zero waste accessories:

All our accessories are also manufactured by us in our Girondin workshop. We use as much organic cotton as possible, and when this is not possible (for a question of supplier or price), we use Oeko-Tex certified cotton, which guarantees non-toxicity of the fabric.

Resale Products:

To complete our selection we resell products that we cannot manufacture ourselves (brush, ceramic beads, toothbrush, etc.). We choose products manufactured mainly in France or in Europe in companies that respect the rights and health of workers.