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Dishwasher powder

Dishwasher powder

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Our natural dishwasher powder degreases and makes your dishes shine thanks to carefully selected cleaning agents.


Citric acid

100% natural and biodegradable, this acid is made from the fermentation of sugar cane. Its purpose is to descale and regulate the PH of the water for shiny dishes.

Soda crystals

These are crystals obtained from salt and limestone. They neutralize acids and therefore soften the water. Thanks to their degreasing power, your dishes will be perfectly cleaned.

Sodium percarbonate

Made from soda crystals and hydrogen peroxide, sodium percarbonate has strong detergent and whitening power. Its active ingredients are released by hot water and thus make the dishes shiny.

Baking soda

100% biodegradable, the bicarbonate will reinforce the cleaning active ingredients of the other ingredients to make the dishes clean and shiny.

DIRECTIONS : Pour two measuring spoons into the dishwasher compartment. Close the jar after each use and store away from humidity.

Tip : For even shinier dishes, replace the rinse aid with white vinegar.

Use: About 30 washes

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