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clay stone

clay stone

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Replace all your cleaning products with clay stone thanks to its multi-surface action.


Our clay stone is made with just 4 ingredients. Multi-use, you will only need one product to clean all surfaces in the house (sink, hob, shower, worktop, etc.).

Sold with a slice of Luffa.

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Usage tips

Rub your damp loofah directly on the stone then clean your surfaces. Rinse to remove all remaining dirt. After each use let it air dry. Close the jar when the product is dry.

Shelf life: About 6 months


white clay

This very fine powder is a gentle abrasive which allows for deep scrubbing without scratching.

Black soap

Made from olive oil, black knowledge is recognized for its ultra-degreasing properties.


100% natural and biodegradable, bicarbonate will reinforce the effectiveness of black soap. It also has deodorizing properties.

Soda crystals

These are crystals obtained from salt and limestone. Thanks to their degreasing power, your surfaces will be perfectly cleaned.

The loofah

This vegetable sponge made from dried squash will allow you to clean your surfaces without scratching them. It is machine washable and 100% compostable at home.

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