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Bee wrap Lot S,M,L

Bee wrap Lot S,M,L

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Bee wrap is a sustainable and ecological food wrap , made from beeswax and organic cotton fabric . It is reusable and offers an ecological alternative to disposable plastic films. Keep your food fresh longer while reducing your ecological footprint.


Bee wrap is the ecological alternative to plastic film and aluminum foil. It is thermoformable thanks to the heat of the hands, it adheres to all containers. It is also possible to directly package food (fruit, vegetables, sandwiches, etc.) except meat and fish.

Composition: 100% cotton fabrics Coating: 100% beeswax.

Size S : 18X20 cm

Size M : 25x25 cm

Size L : 32cmx34cm

Also available in a set of 3 sizes.

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Usage tips

Crumple the bee wrap before its first use to soften it.

Wrap the food or dish by closing with the warmth of your hands.

Maintenance tips

Hand wash with soap and cold water. Allow to dry in the open air.

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